Medha Research and Consulting aspires to be your trusted strategic partner, empowering you with actionable research-derived insights specific to your needs and context, be it business or academics.

Medha Overview

A Market Intelligence and Knowledge Advisory boutique, Medha is founded and led by a team of research and consulting professionals who have been trusted strategic advisors to business leaders across US, Europe and India for 20+ years in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Telecom, and Automobile industry domains.

Medha is all about helping you explore options, understand and leverage insights towards ensuring a successful strategy. Our Vision, Mission, goals, objectives and activities are centered on a single point of focus – “Your Success”!

Customer Service Mindset OT

How can we help?

Our Market Intelligence and Knowledge Advisory Practice Platform (‘Ask Medha’) empowers business leaders to excel at strategic decision making, leveraging the power of well-researched and actionable insights.

‘Research Vani’ is a platform which helps B schools to interface with best practices from Industry, helping students bridge the gap in terms of employability skills.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Customer Success is the Only Metric which Matters!
  • Client needs are unique! (and so are our approaches and methodology)
  • Meaningful and Specific Insights trigger Realistic Action!

Strategic Partner Ecosystem

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…”, so goes an African proverb. But if you want to go fast and also go far, team up with partners who have the client’s best interests at heart!

In an endeavor to prioritize ‘your success’, we at Medha have teamed up with leaders and visionaries who share our focus on ‘client success through value’. Strategic partnerships form a core pillar of Medha’s business strategy.


Strategic Partners

Proud to be a member and associated with Infinite Business Opportunity (iBO), a business networking platform.

We welcome strategic partnerships which offer mutual growth opportunities and enhance client value through collaboration. Interested in partnering with us?

Note of Thanks

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

I have been fortunate to be a beneficiary of investment of many mentors, each of whom went out of their way to be a guide and a mirror, providing honest feedback and encouraging me on my path towards entrepreneurship.

Besides my parents, family members and friends, I am grateful to all the visionary business leaders who taught me the basics of research and have been the strongest influences in my career.