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‘Ask Medha’ is the Market Intelligence and Knowledge Advisory Practice platform of Medha Research.

At Medha, we are passionate about providing actionable insights which empower business leaders to excel at strategic decision making. Having been recognized as trusted strategic business advisors in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Telecom and Automotive domains over two decades, Medha’s leadership team understands the importance of context and criticality of actionable insights as opposed to mere aggregation of information.

Given unique needs of our clients, Medha offers a wide portfolio of secondary-research based reports and thoughtware, each customized to specific business context, opportunity or issue.

Market Intelligence

Insights are derived based on current and potential customers, size of the addressable market, issues affecting the purchase patterns, trends influencing demand – now and in future, cross marketing initiatives, regulatory environment and its role in shaping demand-supply dynamics, specific studies to understand customer segments, purchase behavior, demographics, cultural nuances influencing purchases, among others.

A cross section of questions from our clients which we helped address include:

  • What is the total / addressable market size?
  • What are the key issues specific to a market/industry segment?
  • What are the key trends and how will they influence market over next 3 / 6 /12 months?
  • How will regulatory environment influence addressable market size for my product / service?
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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is not always about insights into performance of competitors. It is also a road map for market leaders to constantly benchmark themselves towards realizing their optimum potential, while staying ahead in an increasingly fast-paced world where innovations threaten status quo.

The strategic ability to connect seemingly unrelated developments towards visualizing the big picture in terms of emerging opportunities and threats is critical to form strategic relationships towards staying relevant and competitive in an increasingly fragmented market landscape.

A cross section of questions from our clients which we helped address include:

  • What are the threats resulting from alternative solutions to the models being marketed by us?
  • How does our company’s performance compare with industry benchmarks?
  • How does XYZ’s M&A strategy differ from ours?
  • How sustainable is the 10% growth achieved by our key competitor xyz in a fast maturing market like ours?

Knowledge Advisory

Be a thought leader in your domain and gain the confidence of prospective customers leveraging insights into the happening trends, issues, regulatory scenario specific to the domain.

Whether you are a startup interested in emerging as a thought leader or a business interested in promoting content marketing strategy, Medha offers well-researched and thought provoking thought leadership content as blogs, Point of View (PoV) reports and White papers. Reach us for a quick discussion on being a thought leader with your potential customers!

Research Methodology

Secondary research goes beyond graphs, charts and mere queries on search engines. It is about research-driven insights which are actionable in the user’s business context. While the Internet has provided everyone with ready access to information and data, a meaningful and actionable insight can only emerge from an understanding of the context, looking beyond the obvious, identifying and linking often seemingly disconnected data.

A conceptual understanding of industry domains empowers the research and consulting team at Medha to relate to dynamics of individual market segments. Thanks to the opportunity of working with business leaders across diverse organizations, we realize and appreciate the need and importance of actionable insights as an aid to decision making. Given the unique needs of our clients, we prefer a customized research methodology with relevant inputs from syndicated research.

Information sourced from market/industry/trade/federal databases, trade associations, magazines, journals, press briefings, and executive interviews is sifted and interpreted through analytical models, deriving context-specific insights which aid in strategic decision making.